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Chimney Cleaning is Spring Cleaning

By May 22, 2013February 4th, 2024No Comments

Spring Cleaning your Chimney

By: Tim McGirl
During the freezing winter months it is inevitable that your use of the chimney is going to be constant. However, once the frosty chills have migrated to other lands, what you’re left with is a buildup in your chimney which has a tendency of causing a damp odor in your home. Matters can get much worse if water somehow gets seeped in the chimney, since that can further exacerbate the situation. Use the fresh vibrant season of spring to clean your chimney; the creosote that has been accumulating itself in the winter months can cause coercion of the flue liner which can lead you to costly repairs.


Benefits of spring cleaning a chimney

  • The benefits of having a clean, uncluttered environment are innumerable since they result in less stress and anxiety. Coming to a clean home, is mentally more peaceful, hence enabling you to focus on more essential matters and tasks. It’s a fact that work not begun and work left unfinished causes panic attacks for no rhyme or reason.
  • You may be surprised to realize, that a cleaner chimney will result in you feeling lighter and more weightless. The feeling of a fresh clean space can definitely get your creative juices flowing and get you inspired to work on an innovating project where you can feel good about yourself.
  • Entertaining family and friends is going to feel like a treat. Be it for Thanks Giving or Easter, you’ll enjoy wining and dining with family and loved ones. Let’s face it, a stuffy damp home is not the kind of space that is appreciated by people, no matter how close they are to you.
  • The sense of accomplishment is huge. Just the fact that such a huge task has been completed and accomplished is a mental relief. The liberated feeling of knowing that for the whole year your home will be pest and bug free is something that can give you a great sense of joy and contentment.
  • An orderly home means you don’t have to spend too much time looking for things. When you know your home is clutter free and the chimney is singing with fresh air, you’ll find things in a much more efficient manner.

Spring cleaning your chimney is actually a fabulous way to manage yourself in a more orderly and systematic manner. It all starts from the top, once the chimney is clean, you’ll be more motivated to clean your living/drawing room and also other parts of your home.


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