Why Clean and Inspect Chimney Systems?

Preventative maintenance is always more cost effective than repairs that could have been avoided.  Annual inspections are critical for chimneys used regularly, but even if used occasionally, a chimney system (the appliance, any necessary connecting pipe and the chimney itself) should be routinely inspected and cleaned if necessary.   Inspections & Cleanings:
  • Determine chimney integrity for all types of fuel
  • Catch problems early - before they cause expensive trouble
  • Show changes over time - like seeing a dentist regularly
  • Reassure peace of mind
  • Save money, hassles, and potential lawsuits if the property is for sale or rent
  • Are very neat - we guarantee no mess
  • Are affordable - a 21-Point Safety Inspection runs only $49.95 and the technician will perform a cleaning only if it is determined during inspection that your chimney needs one.  The Safety Inspection covers everything from the bottom of the fireplace to the very top of the chimney.

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