How Do I Choose a Good Chimney Cleaning Company?

The short answer The level of experience, integrity and professionalism can vary from Chimney Cleaning company to Chimney Cleaning company just like in any other industry. The key to knowing that you are selecting a reputable chimney sweep is to do a little bit of homework. Read Customer Reviews - Your peers will often give you a lot of insight into what to expect from a chimney cleaning or chimney repair company. You can read some the reviews our client have left here -> Chimney Sweep Reviews. You can see more reviews on Angie's List or Google+. Ask if they are trained on the National Fire Prevention Association's Inspection Standard (NFPA 211, 2010) - Good chimney cleaning and chimney repair companies will follow this national standard, and be willing to offer you a certified inspection. Go With Your Gut - If the customer service is less that what you expect, or something just doesn't feel right when the chimney cleaning technician arrives at your house - play it safe and call someone else.

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