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Quality Chimney Cleaning & Certified Repairs

Don’t Delay, Call Chevy Chase’s Top Chimney Team Right Away (703) 659-1699

A Clean Chimney is a Safe Chimney

Don’t let a dirty chimney ruin the comfort and relaxation a well maintained fireplace can provide. Our chimney experts will keep your family safe and comfortable.

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Repair Chimney Damage ASAP

Indoor pollution is one of the greatest health hazards today. Our chimney technicians offer CSIA certified chimney inspections and give you a written report.

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Wood Stoves, Pellet Stoves, and Fireplaces

We are your one-stop solution for all of your heating needs. We offer sale, installation, and repair on most wood stoves, pellet stoves, & wood-burning fireplaces.

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Exterior Home Improvement Experts

From deck and brick power-washing to masonry repair, we are here to help you restore your home to it’s original beauty. No job is too big or too small for the A&T touch.

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A&T Chimney Sweeps of Chevy Chase Maryland

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Recent Chimney Repair Projects

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About A&T Chimney Sweeps of Chevy Chase MD

Your Chevy Chase Chimneys and Fireplaces Are in Good Hands

More than anything, the team at A&T Chimney Sweeps wants you and your Chevy Chase family to be safe. That’s why all our chimney and fireplace cleanings come with a full inspection to ensure that your fires inside the home are contained and safe.

Our belief is that we’re not just Chevy Chase’s premier chimney service provider – we’re also a member of the community. For us, that means doing our part to make sure the homes of our neighbors are the best they can be. We help reach that goal with our home improvement, pressure washing, and other service areas.

For all of our professional services, simply check out the list below or give A&T Chimney Sweeps in Chevy Chase a call at (703) 659-1699:

[list icon=”hand-right”] [li]Inspections – fireplace, furnace & wood stove chimneys.[/li] [li]Cleaning – fireplace, furnace, dryer vent, wood stove & pellet stove chimneys.[/li] [li]Repair, rebuilding and replacement – chimneys, brick fireplace, crown seals, chase tops, leaky roofs. Free Estimates[/li] [li]Masonry work Free Estimates [/li] [li]Chimney waterproofing Free Estimates [/li] [li]New wood stove installation Free Estimates [/li] [li]Chimney liners, caps, dampers Free Estimates [/li] [/list] [readmore url=””]Chimney Cleaning Services[/readmore] [readmore url=””]Chimney Repair Services[/readmore]

Chimney & Fireplace Service Area

Chevy Chase’s Best For Quick, Reliable Work

From Hawthorne to Friendship Heights and Wakefield to Westwood, homeowners in Chevy Chase know who to call for quality they can count on every time. At A&T Chimney Sweeps, our simple goal is to be the best at whatever we do, whether it’s vent cleaning, creating a unique fireplace design, or just providing one of our signature annual chimney cleanings.

When you need masonry, fireplace, or chimney work done, don’t hesitate to call the A&T Chimney Sweeps team in Chevy Chase. We offer free estimates for all jobs and will happily visit your home to come up with an accurate cost analysis.

Pencil in your next chimney cleaning service in Chevy Chase with a quick call to A&T Chimney Sweeps at (703) 793-9090.

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Our Services

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A&T Chimney Sweeps of Chevy Chase

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